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28 Dicembre 2023
Radiation Protection -On Mars

Building a Shield: Space Architecture’s Crucial Role in Mars Exploration and Radiation Protection

In our pursuit of interplanetary exploration, Mars stands out as a tantalizing destination. However, the Martian environment presents an array of challenges that demand innovative solutions. […]
28 Dicembre 2023
Space Architecture

Lessons from Earth: Applying Design Principles in Space

While space may be the final frontier, architects draw valuable lessons from terrestrial design principles. The need for sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing structures is universal, […]
28 Dicembre 2023
Mars Suits

Challenges in Designing a Mars-Ready Space Suit

Embarking on the journey to explore Mars is a monumental task that demands innovation, precision, and a meticulous attention to detail. At the forefront of this […]
27 Dicembre 2023
Space Architecture

Defining Space Architecture

14 Febbraio 2019
Space Medicine

Navigating the Challenges of Space Medicine for Lunar Exploration

Embarking on the celestial journey to explore the Moon is a testament to humanity’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and adventure. However, as we set our sights […]
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