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The Space Readiness Levels (SRLs) wants to be a support tool to help to make “the giant leap” into the Space Economy. SRLs are a systematic metric/measurement system that supports assessments of the maturity of a company to enter the Space Market. It has been introduced by MARS PLANET TECHNOLOGIES as a consequence of its experience in direct contact with the traditional companies interested to enter the Space sector. SRLs identify how much far a company is from the economic opportunities that are being generated by the new Space Economy.

The Space Readiness Levels is business-oriented and goes through 3+1 phases, each of which is defined on parameters, standards, and interpretative models applied to the specific characteristics of the company

1) Preliminary phase
2) Information acquisition
3) SRL delivery
4) Action plan and discussion
Objectives of the SRL program

Thanks to the SRL program we want to :

-develop industrial technologies
-register patents
-create a networkg between the players of the sector and the newcomers.
-launch new start-ups
-attract new brains
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