Jul 17

The UAE’s Hope Mars orbiter launch delayed to next week due to bad weather

A historic Mars launch has been delayed again by troublesome weather conditions at the launch site. The United Arab Emirates is eager to launch its first-ever interplanetary mission, a Red Planet orbiter dubbed Hope. The UAE Space Agency is now targeting a launch between July 19 and July 21, according to statements from the mission team. According to another statement from the Hope Mars Mission’s Twitter account, the H-IIA rocket on which the spacecraft is launching requires peak winds below 70 feet per second , with very little rainfall, and no cumulonimbus clouds, atmospheric discharge or lightning along the flight path. The Hope mission needs to launch by Aug. 3, local time, in order to make it to Mars this year. If weather continues to interfere, the spacecraft will need to wait 26 months before the trajectories of Earth and Mars are again favorable for a launch.

Credit Space.com

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