The Italian chapter of the Mars Society (IMS) is spearheading the European MaRs Analog Station for Advanced Technologies Integration project (ERAS ERAS’ main goal is to provide an effective test bed for field operation studies in preparation for human missions to Mars. We are currently working on an immersive virtual reality simulation of the ERAS Station (V-ERAS). The major advantage of such virtualization is that it will be possible to undertake training sessions with a crew that can interact with its future environment before the actual station is built. A relevant part of the software supporting V-ERAS has been developed by students during summer of code events. There are two main summer of code events:

GSoC: The “Google Summer of Code 2016” is a Google-sponsored event to get students involved in Open Source projects. IMS has participated in GSoC 2013 and 2014 with very good results. We are participating in 2015 under the Python Software Foundation (PSF) umbrella.

SoCiS: The “ESA Summer of Code in Space” is a GSoC-inspired, yet different event sponsored by the European Space Agency. We have applied and we have been selected for this year.

The following pages witch contains the accepted projects proposals as originally submitted by the students:

If you are interested in contributing to ERAS projects, also outside the SoC programs, come talk to us on the mailing list and on our IRC channel #IMS on Freenode.

Summer of Code 2015 Updates

Here we aggregates all the blogs for the students participating to the 2015 IMS Summer of Code