Aug 27

Voice Commanding for Trevor: the ERAS robotic testing platform

In the above video the first outdoor ride of the trevor rover. Trevor is playing the role of ERAS robotic testing platform and will be functional to the field testing of the ERAS C3 Subsystem applications.

Trevor has been derived from the veter open source project with the modifications needed to fit the ERAS C3 architectural choices such as the use of the Tango distribuited control system. Trevor is being assembled using components produced with a sharebot 3D printer.
Trevor control is implemented using a PiRoCon controller board plugged on top of a Raspberry Pi with wireless connectivity.
The control application is currently constituted by two Tango servers developed in Python, one dedicated to the motors control, the other to data acquisition from the ultrasonic distance sensor (plotted in the video using the standard Tango plotting facilities).
The video is showing the rover driven from a voice commanding application developed within the GSoC 2014 frame.

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