Apr 27


We are happy to announce that the Italian Mars Society has been accepted as an official Google Summer of Code 2013 mentor organization.

So, from now on, we would like to encourage all interested students to visit our GSOC Ideas Page.You may decide to work on these ideas or use them as a starting point for your own. Either way, come talk to us on the erasproject@googlegroups.com mailing list. The projects we are proposing relate to the development of the Command, Control and Communication (C3) Prototype as part of the European MaRs Analog Station for Advanced Technologies Integration (ERAS) program which IMS is currently spearheading.
From April 22nd to May 3rd, we encourage any interested students to apply at the GSOC home page to work with IMS. After that, we’ll notify applicants whether we get to work with each other according to the GSOC schedule.

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