Mar 26

European Rover Challenge 2019 registration deadline

This year  the European Rover Challenge will take place on September 13-15 on the Kielce University of Technology campus. The registration deadline for teams is 3rd of April. The organisers’ plans also include a conference as well as mentoring and business workshops which are a platform for exchanging information, knowledge and possibilities of developing in […]

Mar 23

Mars University Tour

We are preparing the Mars University Tour  from 6th to 10th May: A series of talks in some Universities and Research Centres in Italy  to discuss about the Human Exploration of Mars. Special Guest  Robert Zubrin.

Feb 22

Israel Lander Towards Moon

Falcon 9 of Space-X will be be launced with on board the Israel Lander “Beresheet” developed by the private company SpaceIL. The lander has as destination the Moon Surface and with this mission Israel will become the 4th Nation to send a lander on Moon, after USA, RUSSIA and CHINA.

Feb 19

End of Opportunity Mission

After 15 years of service Opportunity rover on Mars stops his mission. Nasa announcing the completion of its mission. After a dust storm in June 2018 the sun radiation has no more reached the solar panesl of the rover. The battery level has dropped and it has no more possible to recover the rover from […]

Feb 8

European Rover Challenge 2019

European Rover Challenge is organized this year in Kielce, Poland 13th-15 September 2019. Further information on

Jan 15

The first seeds on Moon

China’s Chang’e-4 mission demonstrated the possibitly to farm vegetables on an external planetary body.