Gen 28

European Rover Challenge (ERC) 2018

The fourth edition of the ERC will be held in Poland, on September 14th – 16th, 2018, at the Museum of Nature and Technology in Starachowice. It is no coincidence that this place was chosen for the competition. A track formed by experts for the needs of the competition is located close to the historic […]

Dic 30

The time for AMADEE-18 approachs

In February 2018 our colleagues and partners of Austrian Space Forum with the Oman Astronomical Society will conduct an integrated Mars analog field mission in Oman. The mission will include a big variety of scientific experiments and related public outreach events. Mars Planet is involved in this mission with an experiment called V(R)ITAGO based on […]

Dic 20

Ilaria Cinelli team leader of CREW 185 at MDRS

Ilaria Cinelli, bio-engineering studies coordinator  of Mars Planet  lead  CREW 185  at MDRS from 16th to 31th December.    

Dic 9

European Rover Challenge Promotion in Italy

Mars Planet becomes promoter and official partner in Italy of  the European Rover Challenge  ERC.    Managed by the European Space Foundation,  ERC is the most important  rover challenge in Europe, strongly focused on the research involved in Mars and Planetary robotics. ERC  is a big opportunity  for  young generations in Europe to learn robotics and apply it in […]

Dic 9

Kids 2 Mars

Mars Planet  supports and partecipates to the project Kid2Mars of our partner INNOVASPACE: Kids of different countries asking questions to analogue astronauts during 2 simulation missions

Dic 9

Human Dependability Workshop at ESA-Hudep 2017

At Hudep 2017 at Esa,  focused on human-centered design in Space, Mars Planet has presented a work on Habitability and Human performance in Space. The wokshop has been an occasion to exchange views to achieve human centered design in Space applications between some of the main players  and operators of the Space industry in Europe.

Dic 9

International Space Summit in Cyprus 2017

The International Space Summit in Cyprus from 7th to 11th November, organized by Cyprus Spèace  Exploration Organization (CSEO)   has been a very interesting  event  to put  together the knowledge of space scientists of different areas of the Mediterranean region.The discussion has been focused on the creation of Space Research Center with included a Mars research area.

Mar 29

Italian Mars in GSoC 2017

  Happy to announce That Italian Mars will be Participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017. You can find more information about the projects here Please consider submitting a proposal. Read more: Google Summer of Code:

Dic 29

Italian Mars Society member Ilaria Cinelli 172 Crew Commander at MDRS

Italian Mars Society member Ilaria Cinelli at Mars Desert Research Center (MDRS) as Commmander of the 172 Crew from 31th till 15th Dicember 16. January 17. During the mission Ilaria, a biomedical engineer, will study phisical effects like on parameters like pressure, hearth pulsation, body temperatures experienced in a confined space analog environment. A special […]