Sep 14

ITALIAN MARS SOCIETY Launches the MARS CITY Architecture Award

ITALIAN MARS SOCIETY  launches the MARS CITY Architecture Award, an initiative addressed to schools and universities to design a future MARS CITY.  The competition involving Italian and foreign schools, will be concluded with a prize and final event in May /June 2017.

Curno,  BG , Italy – September 15th /2016

 Mars City Architecture Award

Italian Mars Society has launched a project called Mars City Architecture Award whose aims is to create architectural models and design of future Mars Cities. These models will be taken into account in the implementation of the research center MARS CITY (  carried out by Italzian Mars Society studies. The Award  is open to schools and universities of all levels and its results will be presented in a public event scheduled for May / June 2017.

The start of the program is at the beginning of the school year 2016/2017 the students’ works will be presented on  the site and on national and International media. The job submission deadline is 30 April 2017.

The project  should be of two categories:

  1. Mars City Outpost:  it will be awarded  the best design of a Martian station which will host the first human crew on Mars. The design should include not only the definition of the architectural structure of the station, but also the choice of the main systems included in the station, and of the materials and technologies designed to optimize the energy and resource management.
  2. Mars City Architecture: it will be awarded the best design of a future Martian cities. The design will involve the definition of the Martian city structure and its main connecting systems, including the communication and energy management infrastructure.

The designs of the category 1 are addressed to high school and universities students, who will receive distinguished awards for the same category.

The designs of the category 2 are addressed to students of high schools and universities who will receive distinguished awards for the same category.

The award ceremony is scheduled at the headquarters of an Italian university in June 2016. Projects will be judged by a qualified jury of architects and researchers from Italian Mars Society, as well as experts on human colonization of Mars.

The winning projects will be advertised on the Mars Society Media, on the Italian and foreign media and on the website

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